So I totally just gave myself How To Train Your Dragon feels. Spoilers ahead guys, but this just made me sad.

Like imagine the anniversary of Stoick’s death. Valka is just in their house by herself, Hiccup is off flying with Toothless to grieve on his own, and Valka’s there, in total silence, just staring at a picture of Stoick and whispering

"You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you."

I don’t understand how a boy and his dragon changed so many lives
Get this


Astrid and Valka cooking together and experimenting with different recipes.

And Hiccup cursing his father’s ghost for not being there to suffer with him. 


In beginning!

Was like dragon came right in our faces in 3D!

In Ruffnut’s first love scene

it’s was pretty fune about Ruffnut want muscult guy

Valka and Stoick love scene

I know, but I love that scene is adorble can’t stop love it♥

1st sad scene

They cry about a drgon…

Hiccup is left handed.


this makes me happy.

You’re all talking about Stoick’s death, but what about the Bewilderbeast?


:’( (He did die,right?)


Now, whenever I see HTTYD2, I always think about all the scenes I wanna gif. THERE ARE SOOO MANY. Basically the whole movie. IT’S PERFECTION!


If you still think that Toothless WASN’T modeled after a cat after seeing HTTYD2, you are just wrong.

I Fear That You Would Never Make It. But Your Father, He Never Doubted It. He Said You Would Become The Strongest, And He Was Right. You Have A Heart Of A Chief, And A Soul Of A Dragon.
Valka to Hiccup  (via reyeschim50)